MC 1000

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MC1000 rewinder

The MC1000 rewinder lets you unwind and rewind film reels so that they can be printed and customised. The mechanism is based on asynchronous traction, meaning that the film's printing speed varies as the thickness of the film reel varies when it is unwound and rewound. The average printing speed is about 180 mm/s (from 90 to 300 mm/s) for a surface of 40x40 mm.

Reel Size

The MC series can be used with the following reel sizes:

  •  F. 195 340 reel Weight Kg. 20 Reel Core 76
  •  F. 224 340 reel Weight Kg 25 Reel Core 76
  •  F. 280 150 reel Weight Kg 25 Reel Core 76
  •  F. 440 250 reel Weight Kg 25 Reel Core 76



  • Frame Structure made with Painted Steel 
  • Stainless Steel reel-holder shaft with clutch system
  • Film drawing control with intermittent motorised rollers
  • Calender – made with aluminium rollers and self-lubricating bearings
  • Notch reader photocell It lets you conduct an analytical check on the presence of the notch step
  • Film rewinding via inverter
  • Film drawing unit (only on MC 2000)
  • Speed control via a potentiometer
  • Indicator light for any alarms
  • Stop enabling input from downstream line
  • Safety system with emergency buttons
  • Start/Stop button