Gold 920 P22

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Cleaning and sanitization

All AMC machines are designed to be thoroughly washed and sanitized thanks to special solutions applied on the structural and optional components. Moreover, the electrical panel and pneumatic control unit have been insulated and separated to ensure full access for proper sanitization. The surfaces on which the products are conveyed are designed in such a way as to prevent liquids and product residue from accumulating

Standard parts

Structure and transmission entirely made with AISI 304 stainless steel.

Brushless motor
Motion with latest-generation brushless motor to ensure high reliability.

Self-lubricating guides
The self-lubricating guides ensure high reliability and protection from water, salt, acids and chemical solvents. They do not require maintenance and lubrication. The chains are made with AISI 304 stainless steel.

The touch-screen control panel makes operating every machine component extremely intuitive: changing programs and setting individual operating parameters such as speed, format or temperatures and sealing times are just a fingertip away. Moreover, the simplified graphics let you easily reach any desired option .

Product conveying surface
Made entirely with AISI 304 stainless steel, it consists of a series of rods that have been mounted, but not welded. This lets them rotate and enables easy and full cleaning to be carried out during washing. Moreover, this kind of structure prevents any aquaplaning phenomena from affecting the trays and lets them move forward  smoothly.

Protection of operators on the machine is guaranteed by AISI 304 stainless steel accident-prevention protections, 3/10mm thick Lexan panels and safety microswitches that block the machine when the doors that provide access to operating areas are opened. Moreover, there are two emergency buttons both on the operator panel and in the product loading area. It is possible to request optional machine stop buttons to be installed where indicated by the customer.

Pneumatic system
Self-lubricating control/pneumatic unit with separate discharges. Using quality components is essential to achieving top reliability for pneumatic machines, especially when operating environmental conditions are extreme, as in dairies. This is why we only choose leading global suppliers of pneumatic systems. The pneumatic system is self-lubricating and reduces the need for maintenance to a minimum.

The self-centring stainless steel reel-holder shaft with clutch lets you load the reel with just one step and always keep it at the centre of the production line. The clutch lets you constantly keep the film well stretched in order to ensure there are no creases and the packaging is perfectly sealed.

Drawing control
The film drawing control with motorised time or notch-based clutch rollers: the unit lets you limit film scrap to a minimum during production. It can be set based on two parameters: either based on the  time or based on the notch impressed on the film. Therefore, it allows for a number of adjustments.

Mounted calender
Sealing calender made with AISI 304 stainless steel and Anticorodal, fitted with self-lubricating bushings and Anticorodal. The parts of the calender's structure are mounted in order to ensure absolute precision between the parts during the assembly stage, thereby allowing for maximum linearity and reliability, as well as silence during the operation of the sealing bell. It is so precise that there is no need for gaskets to seal the container, which further reduces the number of components subject to normal wear.

Product presence photocell
It lets you conduct an analytical check on the presence of the product. It there are one or several containers and/or products missing, it is possible to set two options:

a) they are ejected without sealing, without stopping the machine and without wasting any film 
b) it is possible to set the machine to stop if there is an empty container in order to fill it

Centred printing photocell
8. Centred printing photocell. It lets you print the company's material on the film and always have it impressed in a central position. It is possible to save the position of the photocell via the touch-screen keyboard to make mould change procedures easier.

All AMC machines are supplied as standard with a mould that comes with a 20 mm AISI 304 stainless steel counter-mould and accessories. Under optimal conditions, it takes just 5 minutes to change the mould. Each mould cavity has its own resistor that controls its temperature and can be changed directly on the touch-screen panel.  The counter-mould does not have any gaskets (there are fitted only in the gas vacuum version), thanks to the fact that the mould and counter-mould fit very accurately.

Optional extras

To be able to meet your needs in the best possible way, upon request, AMC's standard automatic thermosealing machines can be fitted with:

  • Single/double/triple format unstacking machine
  • Multi-head weighing machine
  • Integrated automatic weighing machine
  • Volumetric dosers
  • Flowmetric dosers
  • Product shakers 
  • Vacuum/MAT gas
  • Automatic mould change
  • Thermal transfer graphic printer
  • Inkjet printers
  • Mechanical markers
  • Single/double/triple automatic lidfitting device
  • Single/double/triple sealing applicator 
  • Other accessories upon request