Customised design

Progettazione personalizzata

Machines AMC are often born of the specific requirements of some of our clients. In fact has always been our mission is to adapt the machines to the product and not vice versa, as normally happens.

We believe that must be the machine to adapt to the finished package as a "tailored suit", all based on the wishes and needs of customers.

And that's how we help companies to get closer to their objectives and reach their dreams.

How can we achieve this?

Our design engineers are constantly working to adapt our standard models to the specific requests we receive, being able to customize any machine.

For this reason, although we have not yet made ​​a particular model, we can create new ones in a few weeks.

Thanks to this philosophy, to reach out to customers rather than impose our models, the AMC is growing more and more, year after year, with a range of machines that are wider in order to please everyone from small businesses to large industry.