Automatic thermosealing machines

Amc packaging

AMC's automatic linear thermosealing machines can adapt to any kind and any shape of container with films that can be peeled away or not,neutral films and graphic printing processes. The ease of use and great versatility make our machines perfect for any working environment.

The thermosealing machines can easily reach an output of over 80 tonnes per hour 

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Custom features

To be able to meet your needs in the best possible way, upon request, AMC's standard automatic thermosealing machines can be fitted with:
  • Single/double/triple format unstacking machine 
  • Multi-head weighing machine
  • Integrated automatic weighing machine
  • Volumetric dosers
  • Flowmetric dosers
  • Product shakers
  • Vacuum/MAT gas
  • Automatic mould change
  • Thermal transfer graphic printer
  • Inkjet printers
  • Single/double/triple automatic lid-fitting device
  • Single/double/triple sealing applicator
  • Other accessories upon request